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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wrapping up the Winter Pinterest Challenge

Or, as I almost typed 233463847 times in the past few weeks, the Winterest Pinterest Challenge.  Maybe next time Katie and Sherry host the Winter Pinterest Challenge, they could rename it that.

I intended this post to come much earlier, but I was actually on vacation in Florida with the hubs when the Challenge went up, then went straight back to work.  So I've been sneaking in as much time as possible over the last week and a half to look over all your fabulous Pinterest crafts.  Let me tell you, I'm amazed at your talent, determination, and all-around creativity!  In case some of you haven't had a chance to read through all of the projects, I've plucked out a few of my favorites. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Pinterest Challenge: Mason Jar Chandelier

If you're coming over from Young House Love, Bower Power, or Hi Sugarplum, welcome!  Take a look around The Great Indoors.  I'd suggest starting by taking the House Tour or looking at the Project Archives.

I seriously did a big ol' happy dance when I got an invitation from Katie last week to participate in the winter edition of the Pinterest Challenge.  I started reading Young House Love back when it was This Young House about three years ago now, and then got caught up in the bacon-stravaganza at Bower Power not too much later.  So it kind of feels like these girls are family!  And I'm glad to get to know Cassie at Hi Sugarplum, too!

When I got on board with this challenge, I considered several different pins, like this fun stickered canvas inspired by Kate Spade, or a super easy pillow cover, or even starting in on my guest bathroom remake with a printed (shower) curtain.  But the one that really got me was this Mason jar chandelier on Style Me Pretty (see the pinned page here and the original post here with lots more inspiration; photography by Tanja Lippert Photography).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Announcing the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

I am honored (and frankly a little surprised!) to be amongst the great bloggers heading up the Winter Pinterest Challenge.  That's right-- Katie at Bower Power and Sherry at Young House Love are back at it again, and Cassie of Hi Sugarplum and I have been invited to join in on the fun.  And yes, it's totally less than two weeks until spring (and we've been having spring-like temps in Georgia for the past month), but you should know by know that this crew follows its own set of rules.

The idea of the Pinterest Challenge is that Katie and Sherry realized they had pinned all sorts of great ideas on their Pinterest boards that they should just do.  Sort of like an early Dude, Get On That Already challenge, except with Pinterest.  So they decided to team up once a season to create one project based on a pin.  You might remember the last few challenges I participated in, including summer's guest bedroom crayon wax paper artwork (and summery recipes for extra credit) and fall's framed paint chip art.

This time around we're putting out the challenge for all of you crafty folks to post your own projects by next Wednesday, March 14.  You don't have to do something too huge or time-intensive to participate (my past projects have been completely freeeee and only took a tiny bit of elbow grease each time), but please share if you create something!  You're welcome to use the Pinterest challenge banner in your own blog post, and make sure to link up to the hosts in your post, too.

P.S.  You can follow me on Pinterest here, and follow Katie, Sherry, and Cassie, too!  Come on-- you know you want to continue the vicious cycle.  If you still haven't heard of Pinterest, check out their About page and request to join the madness ASAP.  And in the interest of full disclosure, Pinterest doesn't endorse this challenge.