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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Daily Reads

One of the reasons I started my own blog is because my blog roll had grown out of control, and I was constantly sharing house-related stuff on my friends' Facebook pages, via email, text message, etc., and I finally decided I needed a place to get my own ideas out!  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite reads in case you'd like your own blog roll to go crazy.  [Hey, maybe it'll inspire you to start your own blog!]  I've got a few more mentioned in the Must Reads section over there (<<<---), but there are my favorite daily reads.

Young House Love
This is the first blog I started reading (thanks to an article about the Petersiks in The Nest) right when we started thinking about buying a house.  I can't believe that was almost two years ago!  John and Sherry used to be This Young House, but This Old House told them they'd better pick up and move to a different domain name.  Not sure how that could be confusing, but whatever.  They moved (homes, this time) right around Christmas last year, so a lot of their new house is still waiting for work.  Can't wait to see what they do with it!  The style in their old house was very beachy neutral, but they're trying to take more risks in their new place, and it's totally paying off thanks to Sue the Napkin.  Chihuahua Burger and Baby Clara are both absolutely precious (Burger used to have his own blog, but John and Sherry Burger put it on hiatus when he started getting really busy last November.  Still hilarious to read.)  They post twice a day with awesome giveaways on Monday afternoons!

I discovered H*T via Dana's house tour on Apartment Therapy and then saw her again on AT when they featured her bathroom barn door (ooh, I want one so bad).  Dana has such an accessible but beautiful style, and she has two young boys so you know all of her stuff has to hold up to forts and everything else boys do.  Instead of moving to a bigger house like so many other bloggers did last fall (it's like there was something in the water), she and her husband, Handy Hubby, decided to downsize.  Their goal is to pay off their new house in five years so she can quit her pharmacist day job to go into interior design.  They're currently juggling both houses, selling their current house by owner and starting to gut the new house, which she calls The Underdog.  She's precious to boot and usually posts once a day.

Chez Larsson
Yet another blogger who just bought a new place, Swedish Benita has a thing for white, and I totally love looking at pictures of her style.  So clean and white.  Yummy.  Maybe it's because she's Swedish, but her house could be featured in IKEA.  Her posts are usually pretty succinct, once a day, and she's a total Type A like me (she posts a different list every Friday!).  She just moved a few weeks ago, and I can't wait to see what she does with the new place.
 Making It Lovely
Nicole is a total trendsetter, and you've probably seen her stuff on Pinterest (she has over 1400 followers).  She has a lovely home, two kiddos who are 2 years old and 4 months old, and I feel like she could fit right in at Normaltown in Athens.  Posts 1-2x a day.

They just redesigned their website and it's beautiful!  Similar to AT, but on a smaller scale.  DIYs, befores and afters every Thursday (I eat those up), and lots of other wonderful original material.  They post about 5-6x a day.  Grace Bonney, D*S's founder, is so cute; she currently lives in Brooklyn, but grew up in Virginia Beach and got married in Savannah.

Brooklyn Limestone
I LOVE Stefani's style, and she's so talented.  She has awesome parties, awesome invitations to those parties (her main gig is financial services, but she has a graphic design job on the side), and the befores and afters of her house and weekend place are amazing.  Her house literally looks like a page out of Restoration Hardware.  Posts once a day.

Bower Power
Just a forewarning, Katie has a really weird personality, which she blames on being homeschooled.  :-)  She's crazy about bacon, makes lots fart jokes, you name it.  But she posts some interesting DIYs and just bought a big new house in Atlanta, so I'm sure they'll be doing lots of stuff to it.  She usually posts once a day.  Awesome photography business on the side, and a precious baby boy who is already betrothed to YHL's Clara (they were born within weeks of each other, and Katie and Sherry are best blogger buds).

Centsational Girl
Kate has a thing for spray paint, and she's a pro thrifter.  Lots of furniture befores and afters, and she's very thorough in her posts.  I still haven't tried any of the things she's written about, but seems like they would be easy to follow.  Posts once or twice a day.  I'd love to visit her place in Cali to try some of the wine she and her hubby make in their hobby vineyard!

 A Life's Design
Posts ~1x daily, beautiful and inspirational images without a lot of text. Great homes to dream about, especially since her tastes closely align with mine. 

Apartment Therapy
This massive design resource posts in multiple cities about 40x a day (NYC, LA, San Fran, Chicago, DC, Boston), but thankfully Google Reader brings all the posts together.  They've got befores and afters, house tours, DIYs, and more, plus cross posts from their sister sites, Unpluggd (tech), Ohdeedoh (kids), Re-Nest (green), and The Kitchn (cooking).

Hooked on Houses
Good eye candy for real estate listings, movie houses, and houses of celebrities.  Julia posts once a day, and she also posts about her own house from time to time.  (Her family just built a three-season sunroom on the back of their house-- jealous!)

The Lettered Cottage
Layla's house literally looks like a Pottery Barn catalog.  Actually, she picks things out of PB's catalogs that she wants, and she and rocker husband Kevin make it happen.  Posts once a day.

In the Fun Lane
Holly owns her own furniture refinishing business, and she blogs on the side about all of the things she does, plus house refurbs and a little fashion (and gratuitous pics of her sweet girl Wren) from time to time.  Her style is a little vintage, rough around the edges, and lots of grays/whites.  Posts once a day from Canada, eh.

Do you have any favorites you read on a daily basis?  If you started a blog, what would it be about?

All images from individual blogs.


  1. Hmmm, this list looks familiar ;-)

  2. A few weeks ago your blog turned me on to Catalog Living and it has been cracking me up ever since! Thanks!

  3. DEFINITELY one of my faves. I'm sure you already know about Overseen and Overheard in Athens?

  4. Love Sue the Napkin! PS: I come here for quick links to others' sites. John & Sherry's link love section is too long for me to remember which ones I like to read :)

  5. Their link list is actually the reason I started reading so many of these blogs! But I feel ya on it being so long. :-)


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