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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Merry Little Christmas, Part II

I showed you last week how we decked the front halls, so here's a little bit of the Christmas we have spread throughout the house.  I don't go too crazy (I hear there are some people who put a Christmas tree in every room!), but I like to have little reminders of the holidays no matter which room I'm in.

I love this sparkly golden tree sitting on our bar.

Here's a wooden candle set that Mr. GI's grandfather made a while back and a beautiful piece I got from a former boss last Christmas. I love having personal touches like this that we can remember while unpacking our decorations.

We put that old door glass to work with a strand of multi-colored lights.  They look really awesome in person.  Almost worth the $1329486 we spent on new doors this year.  Our Santa hats and a former tree topper (it's too cute not to put out!) adorn the second speaker of our entertainment center (the first one is wrapped like a present to fit under the Christmas tree).

Our bathroom got a little touch-up in the form of a present night-light of sorts and a nativity scene on the shelf above the john.

I put out a few of our childhood ornaments in the guest bedroom.

This house was part of a mini village my mom gave me and my sister.  The red and green box in the background was the pedestal for my very own tiny Christmas tree (it finally got so janky that I don't put it up anymore, but I still kept it so I can reminisce every year...).  The nutcracker and Mickey Mouse ornaments didn't actually fit on the little tree, but fun to keep them around.

Mr. GI loved these super precious Christmas book ornaments.  They're full books!

I'll leave you with this intentionally-fuzzy picture of our Christmas tree, which I thought looked pretty cool.  Maybe we've had too much eggnog around the GI household....

Can you believe we're only two weeks from Christmas?!  What do you still have to do before the big day?  I've got some crafting to finish, but no details until after the holidays.  :-)

See our living room decorations here.

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  1. Too cute! I love your style, Erin. Merry Christmas to you both! Love, Grace


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