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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chewy!

Yesterday we celebrated Chewy's third birthday!

He got a scoop of Mayfield's Birthday Cake ice cream (guess who got the rest of the pint?  four thumbs point to Chewy's parents!), some awesome play time, and a night up on our bed.  Usually he sleeps in a crate each night, but every once in a while he'll get the special treat of sleeping/cuddling with us, or taking up our entire bed, which he tends to do so well for such a tiny dog.

While he was eating the ice cream, he'd look up every few seconds to make sure we were serious about giving him the stuff.  "You meant to give this to me, right?"

Chewy goes by all sorts of other names, like His Full Name when he's in trouble, Chewbacca.  Then there are derivations of Chewy, like Chewman, Chew-Chew (my father-in-law's name for Chewy), The Chewster, The Chew Master.  Then there's Buddy or Buddy Boy, which gets really confusing when there's another dog around whose name is Buddy (which has happened before).  And Chewy also responds to a whistle (for the music nerds, it's either a major third or a minor third, depending on who's whistling).  Amazingly, he actually does respond to all these terms.  Probably because if you're looking at him, he takes you for a sucker thinks you're going to play rope with him.

What kind of pets do you have?  Any strange nicknames?

P.S.  I edited these through the Creative Kit in Picasa.  Still not as charming as Picnik (no more "spreading a picnic blanket"... now it's "adding a pithy comment" and other nerdy comments). and it's lost some features.  But it'll do for now.  I've also tried Pic Monkey, which I loved-- but they don't have all the options of Picnik yet, so I'm biding my time until that happens.

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