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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Master Bathroom: Paint! {Kind of}

This is more a tease than anything else.  I can't show you the entire paint job because that would reveal the next step!  So here's a peek at the new color we're loving.  This paint, as I mentioned in my first post about the master bathroom, was a $5 find in the Lowe's oops bin. It's a multidimensional color-- when I first saw it in the store, I thought it was green.  Then I put some on the walls and it looked gray.  Light shines in the window, and it shows a little blue.  So obviously the colors in these pictures vary, too.

Given my Pinterest board for this room, you might have a clue about what we did next, unless you know people who routinely paint the top half of their walls.  It's the new style, obviously.  (Although maybe you're into the recent color-block trend, in which case it would be the new style.)

It's Valspar paint and primer combo, and (as with the Olympic paint/primer on our guest vanity), I LOVE being able to take a shortcut that pays off.  I think I'll go paint/primer from here on out, although we still do have paint in our stash that needs to be used up first.

I can also give you a tease with our new bathroom light.  We did away with the Hollywood strip (shocker, I know), and thankfully this process was much easier than replacing the guest bathroom light.  This is a mix and match fixture, so we chose the brushed nickel light bar and the seeded glass vanity light for a total of about $35.  Not bad considering we got the paint so cheap and our only other full-price purchase was the flooring.

Have you had any experience with paint and primer combos?  Do you color block paint in your house?  Maybe I'm starting a new trend or something....

Read about this bathroom's humble beginnings, the first drywall-rific step, and follow my Pinterest board for the bathroom.


  1. Ooohhh...I love sneak peeks! I really like that seeded glass on the light fixture. Looking forward to seeing the next phase!

  2. Nice! I can't wait to see the end result! I love the way the light is cast onto the wall by that new light fixture- it gives some texture to the walls that is really interesting. Great pick :)

  3. What an awesome paint find! The way the color seems to change is really cool. I, for one, am a staunch supporter of the primer-paint combination. The primer brings out the best in the color of the paint, and with paint like that, I can only imagine what magic the primer can bring out.

  4. Looks like the portfolio 2 bar vanity light nickel from Lowes. Did you get seeded glass shades from there? I done the same thing but shades don't fit as full around like yours please help:)

    1. Yep, that's what we got from Lowe's (see the paragraph just above the last picture for source links). I can say the shades don't fit exactly snugly -- so you're not alone!


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