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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Bifold Door Headboard

If you're like me, you've ripped every set of bifold doors out of your house.  And you've probably stuffed them in your attic until you get around to donating them.  Well, Young House Love showed me a better way.  Without further ado...

We started off by measuring the width of the bed.  I wanted the headboard to be just slightly wider than the bed.  Our guest bed is a full size, which is 54" wide.  Mr. Great Indoors had to first chop the bifold door into one side (a unifold door?  haha), then cut the single door down to size.

We had some trim left over from our master bathroom board and batten project, so Mr. GI attached the trim around the front.  Although I didn't get a close-up shot of it, he also finished the sides of the headboard (so you couldn't see the hollow portion that is visible in the photo above).

Rather than attaching the headboard to the wall in some way, Mr. GI split a piece of lumber down the middle and attached it to the back of the headboard.  That way we could just secure it to the bed frame.  Mr. GI measured to be sure the board would stand tall enough above the bed.

(I realize how redneck it looks for us to do home projects using two patio chairs for supports.  Some day we'll be grown ups and actually have a workshop with sawhorses and such.  Until then, we use what we've got.)

Here's the completed headboard, pre-paint.  As usual, we stuck to our deal that Mr. GI builds it and I paint it.  We bought a few small cans of paint from the Oops shelf at Lowe's (I just can't quit), and I got to work.

I really did try to take these pictures without Chewy, but no luck.  So I pulled a Decor and the Dog and went with it.

We've still got a TON of work to do to get this bedroom out of teenage girl territory up to speed.  Starting with a new comforter and a coat of paint, I'd like to redesign this whole space.  Check out my Pinterest board to see what I'm considering.  I do love that comforter, though (I bought it for my freshman dorm), so maybe I'll save it for a baby girl waaaay down the line.  :-)

Chewy is day dreaming of a new paint job in the guest bedroom, maybe with a birch pattern like this.

So there it is!  Young House Love's book (specifically project #11) got me thinking about this over Christmas, and we actually finished it in January.  Depending on the color scheme I choose for the bedroom I'm not sure if I'll keep it blue, but I like it in the meantime.

Except for the two small cans of oops paint (which were about $5 total), this was a free project.  We already had the door, trim, and lumber.  Can't beat that!

Do you also have a supreme hatred for bifold doors?  Does your dog photobomb all your project pictures?  

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  1. Good job, looks amazing. The puppy may have stolen the show though.


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