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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hopes for Summer

Last summer we were up to our elbows in bathroom renovations, not completely by choice.  This year (knock on wood) we'd like to plan a few projects.  Here's a rundown of our summer goals.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring 2013 Pinterest Challenge: DIY Roman Shade

Since we finished the master bathroom about six months ago, I've been wanting to replace our crap-ola miniblinds with a Roman shade.  The trouble is that I could never make up my mind on a fabric.  Mr. GI finally guilted me into finishing it, so I looked in earnest last weekend for the perfect fabric -- and I found it on sale at JoAnn's:  Robert Allen's Baja Damask Greystone.  It was marked down to $10/yard (originally $20/yard), and I'm glad I swiped it up because it's no longer available online.  (They also have a beautiful blue version of the same pattern).  To spoil the ending, here is the finished product in our bathroom.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Decor

It's good to be back!  I'm thankfully on the other side of the spring semester, with a few weeks off before I start classes over the summer.  While I have a little time sans school, it'll be a great time to catch up on the ol' blog.  Although we're not too far from summer, I thought I'd share our spring decor.  Mr. Great Indoors and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this April, so I try to bring our wedding colors into our decor in the spring:  lavender, blue, and green.  What a beautiful cake we had.  (Photography by Tommy Blaylock of Accomplished Productions, cake by our wedding venue.)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Bifold Door Headboard

If you're like me, you've ripped every set of bifold doors out of your house.  And you've probably stuffed them in your attic until you get around to donating them.  Well, Young House Love showed me a better way.  Without further ado...

Monday, February 18, 2013

YHL in the ATL {Young House Love Book Signing}

Last week I had the chance to meet the folks behind the first blog I ever fell in love with-- Sherry and John from Young House Love.  They wrote a book that was published last November, and it included tons of projects that were kept "secret" from the blog so the projects would be new and fresh.  Since their book tour didn't originally include Georgia, I figured I probably wouldn't have a chance for them to sign it.  Lucky for us Georgians, they tacked on a few extra stops and made Atlanta their book tour finale!

My friend M (also a YHL reader and proud book owner) signed us up for the Atlanta book signing as soon as it was announced.  I was so glad to have a buddy to dork out wait with!