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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Decor

It's good to be back!  I'm thankfully on the other side of the spring semester, with a few weeks off before I start classes over the summer.  While I have a little time sans school, it'll be a great time to catch up on the ol' blog.  Although we're not too far from summer, I thought I'd share our spring decor.  Mr. Great Indoors and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this April, so I try to bring our wedding colors into our decor in the spring:  lavender, blue, and green.  What a beautiful cake we had.  (Photography by Tommy Blaylock of Accomplished Productions, cake by our wedding venue.)

With those colors as our inspiration, here's the bookshelves this spring.  The print on the top shelf was from IKEA several years ago.

I needed a taller element to introduce to the bottom shelf, so I grabbed the extra section from our guest bathroom crates (Mr. GI lopped off one layer of the bigger crate so that it fit over the toilet).  I used some washi tape and leftover wedding ribbon to hang our anniversary cards.

This flower piece was a wedding shower gift from my former boss (now friend), and the jar full of jewels was decoration for my bachelorette party.

Chewy is such a ham.  Although he's an inside dog, he loves to go sit out in the grass on a nice day.

Since we decorate on the cheap, one of my favorite details to bring in is books.  We have so many with fun titles and bright colors (sometimes I find myself waiting to buy books just for the spine color).

I hope you liked looking around!  I aim to post more often once summer starts.  How is your spring going so far?


  1. I am in love with lavender. Everything looks pretty as usual! I was actually creepin' on old tagged pics of you and I and ended up in your wedding album last night. Memories! :) Glad I could be part of your day.

  2. Your Grandma and I enjoyed seeing your home in blog (but especially in person (s)) this weekend ;-) xoxoxmom


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