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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hopes for Summer

Last summer we were up to our elbows in bathroom renovations, not completely by choice.  This year (knock on wood) we'd like to plan a few projects.  Here's a rundown of our summer goals.

Fix up the mailbox and get patriotic
Since we moved in, Mr. GI has been lobbying for a new mailbox post.  It's not an expensive project, but (perhaps because this is the great indoors), I easily forget it.  So that's on the docket for this summer.  Also, we really need to have a full-sized flag for the front of the house.  We have a small flag right now (thanks Becky!), but it certainly doesn't represent the veteran who lives under our roof, Mr. GI.

Pergola shades
Since Mr. GI built our pergola a few years ago, we have really enjoyed it, especially in the evenings.  However, I'd love to enjoy it more during the day, and to do that requires some shade the pergola itself doesn't provide.  I've been inspired by the pergola curtains and shades I've seen around the web (like 1, 2, 3, and 4), so I'll be looking for a way to make that happen.  Follow my outdoor Pinterest board to see my ideas about our garden and pergola.

Garden 4.0 and Landscape the front yard
We've already got a great start on our summer garden.  Our squash last year didn't do so well, but now (thanks to my sister's help) I know more about the nasty squash bugs that were giving us grief last year.  We also successfully rooted hydrangeas (I'll have to post pictures of our two hydrangea blooms!) and have lots of other flowering plants around the yard.  But we still have lots of work to do.  Read more about our garden so far.

Repaint our kitchen cabinets
This is the biggest project on deck for the summer.  At our housewarming party four summers ago, our kitchen was a cave of dark wood.  Although the cabinets were (mostly) functional, the dark cabinets felt so overbearing.

So the weekend before Christmas 2009, I convinced Mr. GI to repaint the cabinets.  I have since realized I was a crazy person I have the best husband in the world -- he agreed to my half-brained idea, and it made the kitchen look ten times better and brighter.  (Sorry this picture is from a different angle than the before.... rookie blogger.)

However, we weren't experienced painters or DIYers at that point, so the coverage isn't that great, and there are a few things looking back that we would have done differently that first round.  So I've been gleaning magazines, Pinterest, blogs, etc. for inspiration the last few years.  The white seemed a little too... white.  Especially with our white appliances, it was a bit much (I wrote about this two years ago).  This time around, I've decided on an olive-gray for the bottom cabinets.  I'll stick with white on top to balance things out.  I think it will tie in the floor and counter better, which have specks of olive green in them.

Clockwise from left:  Apartment Therapy / pin // La Dolce Vita* / pin // The Lettered Cottage / pin
*I'm looking for the original source of this photo, but having a tough time.  Any help?

What are your summer plans?  Mr. GI and I are both taking summer classes, so we won't be vacationing much.  Instead I plan to live vicariously through my friends and family who are adventuring all across Europe, Africa, Aruba, and the Bahamas.  I'm still working on fitting myself in a suitcase....

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