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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden 4.0

How about a tour around our 2013 garden?

Here's a picture of our garden from afar.

In early April, I tilled the garden (all by myself!  I'm a boss) and planted radishes, broccoli, and two types of lettuce.  The rosemary and oregano were stays from earlier gardens.

I'd never grown radishes successfully before.  This time I left them alone, and it turns out that the radishes pop out of the ground when they're ripe.  Who knew?  Well, probably many more experienced gardeners... which of course I'm not in the slightest.

We've got multiple volunteer marigold plants that have sprung up from around the garden, thanks to gardens 3.0 and previous.

And plenty of volunteer tomatoes.  I counted 12 plants so far, but I've also pulled out a ton, too.

I feel like we're cheating by having tomatoes ready in May.  Actually, my sister is/was a horticulture student (she graduates in August after a fun summer abroad) and the tomatoes were a class project on fertilizer placement.  Having a sister in horticulture definitely has its perks.

Juicy, yummy tomatoes.  I can't wait for loads of tomato sandwiches this summer.  White bread, mayo, a little bit of salt and pepper, thick tomato slices, and crunchy Cheetos on the side.  Trust me.

Marigolds are friends for tomatoes, so I'm very happy they decided to spring up.  They're also the official flower of our little town.

Seriously, though. We'll be eating, freezing, and otherwise consuming so many tomatoes this summer.

We rooted this hydrangea from Mr. GI's grandmother's plant.  I can't wait to see what color the blooms are; they're blue at her house.  Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower, and I'm so excited to have a bush in our yard.

I've since planted the zucchini and squash.  I planted the marigolds from seed, which is funny now considering all the volunteers we have in the garden.  I'll probably be more patient next year and wait for the volunteers first.

Over the weekend, Mr. GI and I helped with a local music festival in our town.  We took the chance for a family photo.  :-)

Have you planted a garden this year?

Read more about our past gardens on the Garden page.

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  1. I wish I had volunteer tomatoes...or anything except weeds! Minnesota is a little too cold for that. Also I think my hydrangea died off this winter. I've started a lot of plants from cuttings but I never knew you could do that with a hydrangea. Nice job!


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