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Monday, May 30, 2011

Around the House: Laundry Nook

Rather than a whole room for laundry, we've got a nook in the main hallway.  When we moved in, it had bi-fold doors, but it didn't take long for us to rip those suckers out.  I really hate bi-fold doors (we've only got one set left in the house, our master bedroom closet doors), but they were especially useless in the laundry nook:  our pretty new washer and dryer were too deep for the doors to close!

The only redeeming factor about having closet doors on the laundry nook is that it hides the things we don't necessarily want to show off, like our paper towel stash, car cleaning stuff, etc.  This little nook looks fairly messy with all those things visible.  I've had this in mind ever since we moved in:

Love how those Roman blinds conceal all sorts of storage above the washer and dryer, and that they have a solid workspace on top.  Plus, they hid their pipes and valves with art work propped along the back wall.  We'd have to find a place for our ironing board and drying rack, but I bet we could make it work.

And it would also be fun to do things like this:

That garland in the top picture is great to add a little whimsy to an otherwise purely functional area (check out emersonmade's house tour at Design*Sponge), and I love the washer and dryer pedestal.  We tried out something similar for my mom's laundry room.

Next up, Mr. GI's Man Cave.

Source list:
Frigidaire affinity from Sears, awesome Maid Rite wash board from my mom


  1. Will be interested to see what you do w/ the man cave! I think Doug has an old school poster of a Grand Prix Monaco race ... and we have the same one too. We put it in a black frame which makes it look pretty nice. Maybe Doug can convince you to keep it ;)

  2. The man cave is totally Doug's space, and he can do whatever he wants with it! He has good taste, so it's easy to let him go. :-)


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