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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kitchen Itchin'

No, Mr. GI and I don't have some weird disease. Keep readin'.

As I said in this post, we worked really hard during a crazy time of year to paint all of our cabinets white. But I got this itch in the last few months to introduce some color in the kitchen, mostly because all of our appliances ended up being white (although we're dreaming of upgrading to stainless steel look when we can afford to) and now the whole kitchen looks a little like a bottle of Wite-Out. What I'm really hankering for is a different color on the bottom cabinets, like a nice olive-gray. And Dana over at House*Tweaking really didn't help things with her latest post about the kitchen in the Underdog. I know, I know... I said not one week ago that we had temporarily exhausted ourselves in the kitchen. Call me fickle.

Jenna Lyons' kitchen via House*Tweaking

Until I convince Mr. GI that we should move out of our kitchen cabinets again (only the bottom ones, though!!), I think I could settle for color via artwork. Like this precious conversion chart on Etsy that's beautiful and practical. Yummy.

Via SweetFineDay on Etsy

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