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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's the story, Morning Glory?

The weather has cooled down a little in the past few weeks, especially during the evenings.  By a little, I mean we're out of the 90s and into the upper 80s during the day-- but the evening temperatures have gone from the 80s to the 50s.  And with those cooler temperatures, our morning glory has come out in full force.  It's been so beautiful to see.

Here's a reminder about how Ms. Morning Glory started out.  We wanted something to cover up our brand new pergola, so we chose the medium-growth Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue.' 

The information on the seed packet said that this vine is an annual hardy to 32°F, although a plant friend of ours swears that even though the vine will die off over the winter, it should come back next spring.  We did notice that it got a little wilty during the hottest days of summer, especially when I hadn't watered it that morning.

Such gorgeous flowers with the early morning sunlight streaming in.  That "Heavenly Blue" name is just perfect.

It's amazing to watch it grow every week, every day-- check out those feelers.

I love seeing the new flowers waiting to unfurl.

Because then it means we're going to see some blue flowers soon.

We had some friends over on Saturday and, since it was cooler outside, we lit up the fire pit and turned on our patio lights. The lights illuminated those delicate leaves and were ex. qui. site.

Because this vine is considered an invasive weed, we plan on keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't climb onto the roof.  If you can believe it, the morning glory  was originally used in China for medicinal purposes (laxatives, in particular).  My favorite warning on the seed packet was that the seeds are considered hallucinogenic.  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, anyone?

What did you plant this spring that you're still enjoying?

P.S.  Who can name that band (of the post title)?


  1. Well, invasive in what I've learned can also mean that it will spread quickly if it is pollinized and goes to seed. This is especially problematic with non-native trees/ shrubs. Because the plants have fruit that birds and other animals enjoy, they spread the seed all over the place. With invasive trees, it is a huge maintenance problem because you have to continue to pull out the new tree seedlings before they develop a taproot ('cause then you have to get the shovel to get it out!). So if you see any seedlings pop up around your patio, I'd be sure to get those out before they become a bigger problem.
    It's pretty incredible how fast that grew! I love the blue flowers! So pretty :) I love how the pergola looks!

  2. Look at you, showing off that knowledge! ;-)

  3. i can name that tune in 5 notes!


  4. oh, the title of the post title. Now I get it. Nope, never heard that song. The morning glory looks so pretty;I've always loved the name morning glory. Mom would sometimes wake us up or maybe it was Hon, with "Mornin' glory!"


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