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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Correcting the French Mistake

If you understand the title of this post, you either know me really well or you (like me) have seen Blazing Saddles a million times.  Or both.

This is the continued story of our &!@#$% patio door.  I wrote about our latest mishap here.  About two weeks after we ordered it, our glass arrived at Home Depot.  So Mr. Great Indoors and our handy friend, who you'll recognize from our last door installment, took some time out of their Sunday to install it.  (P.S.  Thanks to my friend H for taking pictures of this process while I was at work over the weekend!)

The first step was removing the fillers from the interior of the door so Mr. GI could easily take out the frame.

Mr. GI nervously transported the glass home from Home Depot on the other side of town, although not nearly as nervously as last time, since this time the window came in a box (the door was just in the framing it came with).  There were also a ton of screws.  We're loving those perspective shots in the GI household.

The process was actually way faster than either of us thought it would be.  I guess we just figured it would be a painful process and were pleasantly surprised when it wasn't.  Unscrew the existing frame inside:

Then help it along with a painter's tool on the outside.

(Gingerly) Yank that sucker out!

Our very naked door.

He just can't help it.

(and below, from our last door installation)

Then to put in the replacement, it's just as easy as doing the removal process backward.  Gingerly place the window and exterior frame into the empty hole, then screw in the interior frame to hold it all together.

And the finished, beautiful-again door!  Fifteen minutes:  DONE.

It turns out that we bought a thicker, shatter-proof window this time around.  Maybe that will solve any future problems.

Original glass with a skinny middle section:

New glass with a thick middle section:

And our proud working boys.

I'll sneak in a picture of our pitiful puppy, who poked himself in the eye last week and has been putting up with eye drops since then.  Poor guy has one really dilated eye from the medicine, and it'll be like that until we're in the all clear.  But that tail's a-waggin'!

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  1. Blue as a mime is cracking me up! Hahaha. And poor Chewy...hope he's better soon :)


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