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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You'll Never Guess...

Maybe this is a familiar story to some of you:  "So Mr. Great Indoors was mowing the yard this afternoon, when..."

Oh, yeah.  Just our luck, Mr. GI had just started up the mower last week over at the shed when it kicked out a rock that traveled UNDERNEATH OUR PATIO TABLE to hit our BRAND NEW PATIO DOOR.  Sorry for the caps/yelling, but I still can't believe this.

Poor Mr. Great Indoors had planned to put up plywood over the doors once he started weed-eating, but didn't think there was a chance that our mower would assist a brand new door in committing suicide.

We put in a call to Home Depot that evening and ordered a new glass insert the next day.  More details about that once we actually get the glass (they said it would take 11-14 days to arrive, and that was last Thursday), but in the meantime we have taped up the glass so that it will hopefully stay put for a little while.  If you look really hard, you can see the packaging tape holding it all together.

Trust me, we plan to have a long discussion with the new glass when it comes in.  "Glass, you have so much to live for-- please don't conspire with our yard rocks/pebbles/anythingthatcouldremotelybreakyou to end your beautiful life as your predecessors did.  We envision a long, happy life together, protected by huge plywood sheets anytime we do anything in the yard."

Ah, the pleasures and pains of being a homeowner... and an adult.  In the meantime, enjoy the hidden mask in the door...

See it?  I added the transparent mask on Picnic to the second picture.

You can read more about our recent door mishaps here, here, here, here, and here.  Maybe it's fitting that the name of this blog has the word "door" in it.


  1. no way! what are the chances...

    is this what your FB post was about the other day...about hating being an adult? jeez. hey maybe you can add these glass pieces into the jar you have with the old pieces too, haha.

  2. Yep, you guessed it! I didn't want to give anything away on FB. :-)

    And I totally plan on adding to that jar! Hopefully we can salvage all the glass from this door.


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