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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Week and Pinterest Challenge: Paint Chip Art

If you're stopping by from Bower Power or Young House Love, welcome!  Take a look around The Great Indoors.  We're in the midst of DIY week!

It's that time again!  Thanks to Katie and Sherry, this season's Pinterest Challenge kicked me into gear and got me to finally publish all of my DIY week posts (some of those projects have been in the hopper for a while... oops).  If you still haven't heard of Pinterest, here's my last Pinterest Challenge post to fill you in.  Follow me with that cute red button at the top of the page!  (Or just click here, although the button is more fun...)

This time around, I decided to finally do something about the paint chip ideas I'd had stirring in my head.  (No pun intended...)  I've included both the original source and my pins for each of the ideas I considered, just in case you want to do some research and/or pinning of your own!

I pinned this picture, of course, from one of the participants in the last Pinterest Challenge.  It's an addiction.  Here's my pin.

I like this idea, but I already made a fall-themed garland (details to come later in the week!) so I decided to postpone this project.  Wouldn't this color scheme be so cute for a baby shower?  Here's the original source and my pin.

This would have been fun, but we don't have a nursery (or that many jewelry hooks) so I nixed it.  The original post is here and I pinned it here.  It's actually a product on Etsy, which I didn't realize until I was working on this post.  Another one of those Pinterest ethics concerns (via Centsational Girl).

I really wanted to try this one, although with a different color scheme.  But I've been thinking lately that our house has too many straight lines in it, so this one was out, too.  Here's the original source and my pin.

But the craft I decided on was a little more interesting than the angular ones I had been considering.  My favorite part about the pattern is that you can either see the circles or the flowers.  What shape do you see?  Here's my pin.

So I got to work with my fall-themed stack of paint chips, all Valspar from Lowe's.  (Forgive the coloring of the first few photos here; I was crafting while catching up on some TV with the hubby.)

And used a small canning jar to trace a full circle, then hand-sketched the interior line.

Using that small piece, I traced the shape onto the backs of several paint chips.

After they were all traced and cut, I lined them up in rough color order so it would be easier to place them in the final positions.  I just used a piece of white 8.5"x11" cardstock for the background.

After playing around with a few configurations, I ended up with this pattern.

Which I glued down with some Tacky Glue.  Love that stuff.  After gluing, I left the finished product under the weight of a box so that everything would dry flat.

I don't have any Modge Podge or an extra canvas like the original DIY, so I just stuck my creation in an extra frame.  Voila!

Check out all those green tomatoes!  We dug up our tomato plants last week, and I need to find some recipes to use up all those tomatoes.  Any suggestions?

I'm so happy to try out easy DIY projects like this, especially since my last two posts of DIY Week are a tad more involved (as in they both required a sewing machine... definitely more involved).  Check those out tomorrow and Friday!

Have you participated in a Pinterest Challenge yet?  Any pins on the Great Time Waster that you're dying to try out?  There are tons of ideas over at the hostesses' blogs-- check them out:

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P.S.  Speaking of ethics, there's an interesting debate about whether or not paint chip crafts are ethical.  Check it out here and the original post here (scroll through the comments).


  1. i've seen a lot of paint chip art done but yours is by far the best! it's totally great. you ought to be proud of your hard work.

  2. AWESOME job on the paint chip art, very cool, reminds me of an old quilt my Grandma used to have! :)

  3. I love a good paint chip project (I've shared 3 already and I'm only 10 posts in on my blog!) and this looks amazing! I think the part I like most is the colours that you chose. I can handle orange in moderation and could definitely see sneaking something like this into my decor.

    Congrats on being picked for the next Pinterest Challenge!

    Claire @

    1. I'm totally with you on orange in moderation, Claire, which is why I was glad this color scheme worked out! Thanks for reading, and I'll have to check out your blog, too!


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