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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Falling for Fall

We've been enjoying in Georgia what seems like a much longer fall season than normal.  The temperatures have been a pretty steady 60 during the day with chillier temps at night (we had our first frost last week), and every day for the past few weeks has been absolutely beautiful.  I'm not sure what the difference is, but our fall leaves have been even brighter and lasted even longer this year than in recent memory.  Mr. Great Indoors and I had a chance to walk around a local park at lunch this week to admire all the fall foliage.  Beautiful.

Trying out some settings on my camera phone:

But the really good ones were on my digital.

What in the world produced this leaf?!?

We even saw a little wildlife.  I'm pretty sure I heard "Aflac" come out from these ducks.

And there was a family of four turtles (two little, two big) sunning themselves on this rock.  One is just out of sight, and the fourth slipped off the rock right before I took this picture.

Here's a peek at the foliage in our front yard.  This tree had brilliant yellow leaves, although they read more like green in this picture.

The leaves have certainly started falling with a vengeance (makes them sound violent, huh?), so pretty soon we'll have to be sweeping the driveway regularly.  (Mr. GI usually mulches the leaves in the lawn a couple of times during the winter season to feed our poor grass.)  We're looking forward to a seasonably warm Thanksgiving next week.  How about you?  Are you covered up with snow already or still baking in an Indian summer?  Snow is pretty rare on our end of the universe, although last year we did get a miraculous snow on the morning of Christmas.

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