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Friday, June 15, 2012

Stuff We've Tried

I had hoped to have a final post about the guest bathroom up today, but life got busy.  So instead, I thought I'd start a new series of posts about things we've tried from around the interwebs.  Enjoy!

We're on a pretty tight budget around our house, so I love to find cheap recipes that are easy and tasty.  These three things don't always happen together, so it takes some searching to get good recipes.

Fancy Ramen Noodles.  I read about these noodles from Ashley and Greg over at 7th House on the Left (recipe here), and we quickly got addicted.  The recipe takes barely any ingredients, and we usually have all of them on hand.  The perfect combination!  I usually double the recipe and use less Sriracha sauce (aka "rooster sauce" around here) than suggested.  Maybe we're just pansies.  I pinned this recipe here.

Creamed avocado and lime chilled pasta.  I have a feeling this recipe is going to get a lot of mileage at our house.  It's insanely cheap (especially when you find avocados on sale for $1 each), really filling, and you can tweak it to your heart's content.  We've added Emeril's green pepper sauce each time we've had it, and last time we served it with chicken that had been seasoned with Italian and Mexican seasoning (trust me), plus more green sauce.  Yummmm.  It doesn't keep very well past the second day, so eat it up fast.  I pinned it here.

Black bean burgers.  I originally made this for a vegetarian friend at a cookout, and we liked it so much I've made a batch since.  The website where this recipe is posted is actually really cool-- any recipe you find on the site populates if any of the ingredients are for sale in your area.  Pretty neat!  I pinned a round up of vegetarian meals, although you can find the recipe for the burgers here.

Poor man's turtles.  After all these entrees, you need some dessert!  These guys are way too easy and waaaay too delicious.  The directions even tell you how to make just a few at a time...  Dangerous.  I pinned it here.

You can find all of these recipes on my Tasty Pinterest board.  Would this be a series you might be interested in reading?  I probably wouldn't post on a regular basis, but whenever I had something new to share.

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