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Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest Bathroom: The After!!

I have another post I'm getting ready for next week with some meat (i.e., numbers) in it.  For this post, though, let's just admire the finished product.


Forsythia, compliments of the bushes in our front yard.  I wanted to bring in a little more variation in texture, so I wrapped some twine around the vase and tied it in the back.  Easy, peasy!

Still LOVING the vinyl tile.

The wallpaper is working out well so far, although when I tried to move the tension rod it was stuck to the paint and just about pulled the wallpaper with it... so I need to fix that somehow.  I notice that with every shower rod I use-- I guess the bathroom humidity causes the rod and paint to become one?  Any tips, blogland? 

Mr. GI and me after he got off the Appalachian Trail a few years ago.

Easy reading for... business pleasure.

Got my Martha on with the guest towels.  The fabric ribbon came on a present I was given (I keep just about every scrap of the gift-giving supplies I'm given), so I lopped it in two and wrapped it around the folded body towels.  Then I stole a basket from the living room for the hand and face towels.

Pretty, no?  We're enjoying the hell out of it, frankly.  It's the one "finished" room in the house so far, although there are still some tweaks I'd like to do.  Like repaint the crates (I painted them with an oops color that is too much blue for the room), hang the curtain so it's not hanging high-water anymore, and do some decor tweaks.

I'll be updating next week with a post about the moolah we spent on the renovation in here.  Since the mold problems got us a little in over our heads, we're cooling our jets before we start all over again with the master bathroom.  Anybody got a money tree around that we can transplant into our yard?  It would come in handy around here!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?  Have you stayed at a friend's house recently and loved their guest bathroom?  Any touches you'd suggest we add to make our guests feel more at home?  Well, maybe not too at home.  You know what they say about guests and fish....

Linking up with One Project Closer's Before & After Series, a benefit for Habitat for Humanity.

Supporting Habitat for Humanity

Follow along with the rest of our bathroom adventures: our dream, the before, mildewwww, every day we're drywalling (what a terrible pun), the our thrifted finds so far, ripping out wallpaper, making up my mind on a wall color, rehauling the vanity, an updated to-do list, a teaser of the floor, cleaning and wallpapering, painting, laying flooring, polishing up our light fixture, solving the mildew mystery, hanging some crate storage, deciding on a curtain plan of attack and installing a beautiful curtain, plus my Pinterest boards for the guest bathroom and master bathroom.


  1. OMG.. I love all of the changes! you have such great eyes for details. The gray sink cabinet is genius. Awesome after! thanks for sharing.


  2. Really nice! I love the book selection. :)

  3. You go girl!!!! Looks amazing!

  4. THat wall color is one of my favs!! great before and after.
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