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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Roundup + 2013

I love reading blog round-ups each January, so here's mine for 2012!

Probably the coolest thing that happened in 2012 is that I got a little bit Internet famous.  Mr. Great Indoors and I whipped up a redneck chandelier for the winter Pinterest challenge, and you guys submitted some awesome projects!  I wrote a little update on our chandelier to let you know how it was treating us.

We've enjoyed the heck out of our new kitchen table.  I wrote about how Mr. Great Indoors made it and then I totally fawned over it.

Isn't it just gorgeous?

We whipped out three new bathrooms this year, two of them our own.  Our guest bathroom turned out to be a little bit more than we bargained for, and our master took months to finish.  Master bathroom humble beginningsworking on drywallpaintingboard and batten, and finally finishing!

Guest bathroom dreambeforemildewdrywallcelebrated our retail successesripped out the old wallpaperchose our colorsoverhauled the vanityput up a bit of wallpaperpaintedlaid the floorhung the lightfixed the water problem for goodhung our crate shelvingdecided on a shower curtain and bought it, and shared the afters and our budget.

Thankfully, I had a fun project in my friend's guest bathroom, even busting out a bathroom sign for the Summer Pinterest Challenge.  I loved it finished, especially with the amenities we added (those baskets!).

We planted a summer garden and ended up with a pumpkin or ten!  Only a few of them made it longer than a few days, maybe because it was sooooo hot this summer.

I realize now those aisles look a little like turds.

We had a heartbreak and a window break.... but we had some luck with a $5 faucet, $1 mirror, and $1 light fixture.

We decorated for the spring, summer, fall, and Christmas.

We celebrated one year bloggingthree years married, and three years with Chewy.  I confessed how much of an organizer I am.  It's only slightly embarrassing.  Evidently I wasn't organized enough, though, because I ended up taking a two-month hiatus while I juggled school and work.  Whew!  We did get out of the house a few times, though, like hiking on the Appalachian Trail and doing all sorts of things this fall like hosting a Halloween party, car camping, and celebrating ThanksFriendsgiving.  I finally posted the crafts I made for Christmas last year.

I think that pretty much does it for 2012!  As far as my 2012 blog resolutions, I actually did better than I figured.
1.  Make the blog ultra-awesome and get to know other ultra-awesome bloggers.  Done, on the second part anyway!  I've been commenting on as many blog posts as I can this year.  My philosophy has been that if it's worth pinning, it's worth telling the writer how much I enjoyed it.  And I connected with Young House Love and Bower Power for the winter Pinterest challenge, which I'd consider a win!!
2.  Make over the guest bathroom on the cheap.  Done!  Well, basically.  We spent a total of $300 on the guest bathroom, about half of which was to fix our moldy situation in both bathrooms.  Then we spent another $200 (maybe?) on the master bathroom....  So not cheap, but a significant portion of that was necessary to fix a problem. The pleasures of homeownership.
3.  Clean out the backyard jungle.  Total fail.  Not only did we not touch it, but it looks worse than it did earlier in the year.  Oh, well.  Two out of three not bad, I suppose.
4.  Be more creative and thrifty.  Perhaps?  Our yard sale finds certainly qualified as thrifty, plus the gallons of oops paint we bought for our projects around the house.  Creative?  I think I'll always be working on that.

Given how crazy school and work made my life the last half of the year, I think it's wise for my 2013 blog resolution to be simply to blog as much as I can.  We'll see what that means for the year, but hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of breaks like these to bust out some posts.  Until then, happy new year!

What are your resolutions for 2013?  

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  1. I really like the mason jar light fixture design, it's pretty creative! A friend of mine would like it who had a very mason jarry themed wedding. At least they were all over the tables and filled with flowers. ;)


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