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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Master Bathroom: Complete!

Six months after we started it (well, really nine) and two months after we finished it, I'm happy to reveal our master bathroom!

We used a $5 dark gray/green color from the oops section at Lowe's.  After it sat for a few weeks, I opened it to find a beautiful blue and gray separation.  I played with it a little bit to make the design.

I'm glad the red accent color worked, because it meant I could use my Georgia basket on top of our new board and batten ledge.

I stole the wooden mirror from the guest bathroom, but we still need to replace the yucky outlet.

Since we took out the vanity and the over-the-toilet cabinet (i.e., all of our storage), Mr. Great Indoors drew up the plans for a storage cabinet.  He based it off my favorite leaning shelf from Crate & Barrel, and planned to use the door from the old cabinet.

He constructed it completely but it turned out to be a little too wide.  So he lopped off the top, which meant it fit the bottom just underneath the vanity.  I grabbed a basket to corral our bathroom supplies on top, but we still need a hook for the hand towel.

This is a mix and match fixture, so we chose the brushed nickel light bar and the seeded glass vanity light for a total of about $35 from Lowe's.

I love the light it casts on the wall.

We love our vinyl tile floor, which looks more expensive than it was.

We love our little trash can, which thankfully replaced a pink butterfly can I bought years ago.

The hooks are from Lowe's, and we grabbed the clock from Target.

Head on over to my Pinterest moodboard if you'd like some inspiration for your own project.  I hope your project doesn't take quite as long as ours, though.  It went so long that I really don't have a good budget of what we spent.  I would estimate about $200.  No matter what, we're so happy to be in our bathroom again.  What do you love about your bathroom?


  1. I love this. I have always been a fan of green. I'm glad you used the same shower curtain. Red and green go so well together. The lighting gives it the perfect touch. Beautiful!


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