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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Around the House: Dreams of Our Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

I've got lots of dreams for the guest bedroom, and only time will tell what actually happens.

+ A headboard.  Our current "headboard" is a mirror hung sideways on the wall.  It bounces light around a little, which is nice, but I need something with a little more oomph in here that doesn't make the pillows look homeless.

I'd really love to DIY a headboard, especially something with repurposed materials (since we heart our local ReStore).

Like a screen (and a precious puppy wouldn't hurt!!)....

Or the back of a bench....

+ I would LOVE to stencil a birch pattern on the wall behind the new headboard, inspired by a Chevy ad a while back (what is it with me and these ads?)

+ Repaint/accessorize the bedroom keeping the closet office color in mind.  I think this beachy, fun color scheme (via Pinterest) would be fun and cheery, and there's a similar teal at the top!

+ I haven't gotten around to looking for comforters that might fit this scheme.  Any ideas?  Oh, and (boring) we desperately need new carpet in the back two bedrooms.

As for the bathroom:
+ Paint!!  I've been putting this seemingly-easy project on the backburner for a while because we'll have to remove peeling wallpaper first.  Ain't no way I'm painting over that stuff, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the builders prepped the walls before they slapped the wallpaper up.  I'm sure you couldn't tell it in the picture from this post, but the current paint color is like a candy peach.  Soooo not my thing.  Not sure what color I'd want yet, but I think a fun soft blue/gray would work. Maybe even a grown-up palette like this from BHG:

With that in mind, my inspiration images from Beach Cottage Love, House*Tweaking, and Apartment Therapy fit in just fine (plus some pink, maybe).  I loooove towel cabinets, but I doubt there's enough space in our bathroom to fit one.  That's what dreams are for, right?  And notice how H*T's guest bathroom on the right is eerily similar to ours? Not sure that I would remove the vanity doors, but to each her own.

+ Frame the mirror like these two examples from Better Homes & Gardens and Made by Girl.  Mirror frames really give the space a nice structure that makes it feel like you haven't forgotten about it.  We also need a new light fixture (it's currently a Hollywood-type fixture, and not my favorite).

+  And the boring stuff:  we need a new, permanent shower curtain (right now we've got this one in a creamy color, but this Target curtain could be cute), and new flooring.  Irritatingly, the last folks who painted the two bathrooms in our house used sprayers and didn't have the sense to cover up the sinks, toilets, or tubs.  Seriously?  We'll eventually get around to removing all the specks on those parts of the bathroom.

That's it for the dreams in these guest spaces!  Next up (and last) in the house tour is the master bedroom and bathroom.


  1. LOVE the bench as a headboard! I saw a blog post somewhere a while ago (of course I can't remember the source at the moment) that was actually a church pew. A majority of the actual bench was taken out so the bed fit into it... then the little bit left on the sides was used as a small night table. The part where you would lean back on in the pew was the headboard part. How creative.

  2. I agree with Melanie....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bench as a headboard idea! You always find the cutest things! Can't wait to see what you guys do with the rooms! and....I can't wait to be able to see the room a little more often! I also really like the towel baskets hanging on the wall...super fun!



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