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Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Guest Bathroom...

...but I'm not paying for it this time!  One of my good friends has challenged me to make over her guest bathroom, given a $60 budget.  I'm always up for spending someone else's money decorating someone else's house!  :-)

My friend E is in a rental house, and this bathroom used to be her roommate's.  Now she's got the house to herself, and she's excited about changing things up.

She'll be keeping the bones of the room -- the tub, toilet, vanity, and storage unit.  Her roommate still has some things to clean out, like the shower curtain, towels, and decals.

Everything else is ours to play with!  We may or may not paint, depending on how we feel once we start decorating.

E and I had a little shopping trip to HomeGoods and Target last week, and we've been brainstorming on Pinterest with a shared board.  I was finding it tough to narrow down our options, so I played around with a few different options on Polyvore.  It didn't make things any easier, unfortunately, because I love every single one of these.  So what's your vote?  (Click on the pictures or follow the links to Polyvore for product info.)

Option 1:

EF's Bathroom 1

Option 2:

EF's Bathroom 2

Option 3:

EF's Bathroom 3

Or Option 4:

EF's Bathroom 4

The one thing I kept in each of them was the fun "Bath" sign, which I'll probably whip up.  I varied everything else, although I'll probably pick and choose once it comes time.

Which option would you pick?  Of course, in the end it's up to the lady with the pocketbook.  :-)

P.S.  Check out the Pinterest board where we've been stashing all our ideas.


  1. #1 gets my vote-elegant but with a dash of fun.

  2. I like #2- the shower curtain is beautiful

  3. #2! I like the small pop of yellow and that crate is awesome. I love big medallions too :)

  4. and #4 haha. how did i not even see that one?

  5. I love #2. The shower curtain is great!

  6. 1 or 4, but they all look great! Tell E that I am a stakeholder because I'll be using it often when I visit. ;-)


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