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Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Dollar, Bob

If you're looking for The Great Indoors, don't worry-- you're in the right place!  It was about time for a little blog redesign. Bear with me if some of the features don't look the same.  I'll be updating those over the next few days.

The price was way right for this beauty we found at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

You might remember we came upon a few other awesome finds at a yard sale in June:  our $5 faucet and $1 vintage mirror.

So this lovely chandelier was a fun find.  As with the mirror, I'm thinking about painting it a funky color.  We think it might be from the 1960s or 1970s?  It's got original wiring but no identification.  It is old school, hefty, though.

Mr. Great Indoors is rooting to put it in the kitchen, and I'm pulling for the guest bedroom.  If it goes in the guest bedroom, I'll probably go with an indigo blue to play off my teal closet officeCheck out my guest bedroom board on Pinterest for some of my ideas on colors for the whole room.

The guy who sold us this sucker for A DOLLAR actually relocated to our area from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  He had all sorts of things when we were there, but it sounded like they'd actually sold most of their goodies on Friday.  He seemed like he was pretty ready to get out of there-- it was hot, and his wife was barking orders from the air conditioning inside.  Our negotiating went something like this:

Me to Mr. GI (in front of the seller): What do you think of this lamp?
The seller steps in:  You know, I'm really trying to clear everything out of here.  We're knocking everything down in price.  The light bulb in there probably cost me $1.75, so I'll take that much for it.
The seller continues:  I mean, I'd even take $1.50.  Maybe $1.25.
Me:  Hmm.  I have a dollar in my pocket.  I'll have to go to the car to grab another dollar.
The seller:  I'll take a dollar.

"I'll take a dollar."  Are you kidding?  Best negotiation EVER.  I didn't have to say anything-- and he talked himself down to a dollar.  I was even willing to pay upwards of five dollars for it.

Have you been to any yard sales this summer?  We took a few yard sale virgins with us that weekend, but unfortunately didn't come home with more than this and a few books for a teacher friend of ours.


  1. Holy moly I love the re-design! I can't wait to see what color you paint that sucker. :)

  2. ah the downside of living in a city of condos- no yard sales!!

  3. OOHHH...I love a good yard sale. Just posted about my pair of rattan side tables for $5 - check them out here
    That makes them a whopping $2.50 each...not as good as your $1 light but I still like it. Cant wait to see where you hang it...I am sure it will look awesome!


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