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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Master Bathroom: Humble Beginnings

That's right.  In addition to working on my friend's guest bathroom, we're tackling our master bathroom.  I will have an update about E's bathroom soon; life has gotten in the way of blogging recently!

As a reminder, here's what our bathroom looked like a few summers ago after our first run-in with moisture a few summers ago (shoulda known then!).

The room pretty much had a split personality-- the red/brown Target shower curtain we got as a wedding present, then the blue vanity and bathroom nook.  But our energy was going to other rooms in the house, so I wasn't incredibly concerned about it.

The mister built me this bathroom nook for our smaller bathroom things, and I still love it.

If you haven't been following along for long, you may have missed our mildew fiasco that caused us to tear into the walls shared between our guest and master bathrooms.  Good thing we figured out what was at the root of the problem.

While we finished the guest bathroom a few months ago, we wanted to allow some time for our house, bank accounts, and lives to recuperate before starting the master bathroom.  It turned out that we had some gift card money and coupons to redeem, so about a week ago Mr. Great Indoors decided to jump feet first into the master bathroom reno!  In our first trip for materials, we found a $5 gallon of oops paint (Valspar paint/primer) and figured we'd test it out with some flooring that matched.  We loved it!

I had been playing around with the idea of board and batten on the walls (as evidenced by the many B&B pins on my master bathroom Pinterest board), so that's why I have Frog tape all over the walls in these pictures.  We'd been living with it for about a month to make sure we liked it.  There's a bit of the test paint over the bathroom nook.

Yep, I have a 12-year-old's trash can.  It was a college purchase-- the cheapest trash can Wal-Mart had, probably.  We took the doors off the vanity to replace a broken one from the guest bathroom vanity overhaul.

Mr. GI swatted at some sort of stinging insect in the bathroom a few years ago, and we've been living with these janky blinds since.  I'm planning to make a Roman shade a la Little Green Notebook.

This over-the-toilet cabinet has also been with me since college, and it's been reconfigured in every place I've lived since.  For this go-round, Mr. GI lopped the legs off and bolted it to the wall.  It's totally ghetto.  And we're actually using pieces of it for future storage in our new bathroom set-up.  Can't wait to show off that project! 

We'll be using a different towel hooks.  I've had these IKEA hooks since college (sensing a theme here?), but I never really liked them.  They're really heavy and have messed up the walls in every place I've hung them.  We also had a problem with the damp towels hanging too close to the wall, so we had a teensy amount of mildew build up on the walls behind them every few weeks.

I'll leave you hanging for now with the first thing I saw when I got home last Monday.  Looks like the mister got to work.  :-)

I'm sure you're wondering by now if this blog turned into the journey of two people and their bathrooms.  Perhaps it did.  However, I have proudly refrained from most potty talk.  Aren't you proud?

Check out my master bathroom Pinterest board and go ahead and read about all our bathroom adventures to date!


  1. hooray! i'm excited to see how it's going to end up :)

  2. Ooh you've made so much progress already! (This, from someone who knows how much work it takes to just get started!) :) Aaaand I totally still have my college-cheapest-I-could-find trash can in the bathroom, so you are not alone! :)


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