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Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Bathroom: The Dream

I think I've mentioned a few times how ready I was to overhaul  the guest bathroom, and I even made it one of my 2012 resolutions for the house.  We've done touch-ups in just about every room in the house, but this bathroom has stayed basically the way we found it three years ago.  Which, by the way, was with painted-over wallpaper.  I just hadn't gotten up the guts to deal with that wallpaper, so it stayed.

Thank goodness for resolutions, because Mr. Great Indoors and I have finally decided to make this bathroom thing happen.  We've got a few parameters for the project.  First, the bones of the room (tub, toilet, vanity, and hardware) are staying, although we'll be painting the vanity and updating it a bit.  Second, we're trying to spend under $150 on the whole room.  Here's what I'm thinking:

I'm looking for a grown-up grayish blue.  Valspar's Roadster Blue (4006-6B) looks good on the paint chip, but I'm anxious to try out a sample pot to see how it really looks.  Since this bathroom gets no natural light, I'll have to be pretty careful about how dark the color is. I also don't want it to look like an under-the-sea-themed bathroom....

I plan to repaint the white vanity a warm gray, and we'll also be adding feet to the bottom like Kate at Centsational Girl did here.  I'd like a warm gray; Valspar's London Coach (4002-1B) seems to fit the bill, although, again, I'd like to test it first.  (The color on Lowe's website, at least on my screen, is way more beige than it is in person on the paint chip, so don't be turned off by it.)

The current light fixture is one of those terrible $15 Hollywood light strips.  A new light is definitely in the plans.  This is just a "dream" light, so I certainly don't plan on spending the $110 Lowe's charges for this one (find it here).

I've been itching to frame our bathroom mirrors since I found out about Mirror Mates a few years ago, but I didn't want to pay as much as MM charges.  So Mr. GI and I plan to frame the mirror with white trim.  Also, since we're elevating the vanity, we'll be moving the mirror up a bit.  This is an example mirror from Crate and Barrel.

We are definitely ripping up the old vinyl (it might have been there since the house was built in 1982 and shows it), and we talked about a few different options.  Although I love the look of ceramic tile, we're trying to be really careful about remodeling this house out of the price range of the neighborhood.  We ultimately decided on this 12x12 gray slate vinyl tile, which will be easy to install, cheaper (this is $0.88/sq foot), and this particular style looks great against our existing tub and toilet.  We bought one square of it to try it out against our bathroom lighting and existing fixtures, and it looks deceptively like ceramic tile... so we might be getting the best of both worlds.

The shower curtain we originally bought for this bathroom was a hookless curtain -- which basically meant that I wouldn't have to buy hooks or a liner (yep, I'm a cheapskate).  I'm making up for it now by attempting to DIY an extra long shower curtain from burlap fabric (wish me luck on that one), so we'll need to buy a fabric liner and new hooks.
I originally thought about making a stenciled shower curtain, but I really wanted to bring in some texture and feel like burlap might be the answer.

And, of course, a girl can't be without accessories.  I'd love to either put up some shelving (like this or this) or use some wine crates or other thrifted materials.  I called all over town but no one uses wooden wine crates anymore, so that might put a crimp in my plans.  Until then, I'll admire these pretty pictures:

Sources:  left, Pinterest via Design Milk; right, Pinterest via Apartment Therapy

Regardless of what storage we go with, I'd like to make my own baskets like I did in the kitchen (they were newspaper baskets using this tutorial that we spray painted brown for the areas above the kitchen cabinets).  I'm trying out a different tutorial this time, this one from Design*Sponge.  I'll also be tackling some DIY wall art of some sort.

Source:  Pinterest via Design*Sponge

Next up, I'll share the state of our bathroom before the overhaul, plus our to do list.

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  1. Hope you'll find this amusing: the light fixture is the same one I have for the laundry room. Thought it looked familiar!


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