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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Bathroom: The Before

I shared my dream for the guest bathroom the other day, and now it's time to show you how it's starting, particularly since I only had one measly before picture in the last post.

Here's the view from the main hallway.

We plan to keep the vanity but paint and tweak it a bit like Kate at Centsational Girl did.

Although I wish I could do something about that weird stain on the vanity top....

There's that beautiful Hollywood mirror, plus our unframed mirror. 

We already have shelving over the toilet, but I don't like the look of it very much.  I've had it seriously forever.

We've got a lot of wallpaper to pull off, and we figured out last night that the builders didn't prep the drywall before they put on the wall paper.  Goody.  I pulled off a bit about a month after we moved in but didn't have the guts to continue ripping.  It's just been taunting me for three years.  (P.S. Sorry for the color of these photos; I used my digital camera and it was picking up on the peachy paint color.)

We're definitely replacing the flooring (original to the house, thirty years ago!).  Here it looks fine...

But get behind the toilet and it looks awful.  I'll explain that soon.  (Weird angle, I know.)

The entire room isn't much more than 30 square feet, but we'll have a lot of repairs to make so we've got a long to do list.  Keep in mind this to do list was made before we started any work... and we've started work.  And the work miiiight be a little more than we bargained for.  Update soon, once we dig ourselves out of the mess....
  • Remove quarter round (which we'll reuse as much as possible), toilet, vinyl, vanity, mirror
  • Remove wallpaper and repair wall (Any tips for us?  You know, since the builders didn't prep the walls correctly before they slapped up the 80s-tastic wallpaper all over the house.)
  • Fix trim over door
  • Paint walls
  • Attach vanity legs, paint vanity
  • Lay floor
  • Reinstall vanity
  • Frame the mirror with trim (or we might get crazy and just buy a new mirror... we'll see)
  • Install new light fixture
  • Reinstall quarter round and replace toilet
  • Install shelving
  • Paint trim
  • Make a burlap shower curtain, plus a fabric curtain liner
  • Accessorize!  Maybe some DIY wall art
So who else is in the middle of a bathroom overhaul?  I've been noticing lots of bloggers (Young House Love, House*Tweaking, Centsational Girl, to name a few), so it must be the Season of Bathrooms.

P.S.   Check out my guest bathroom Pinterest board and my master bathroom board here.  Maybe you'll start to guess what our project has extended to...


  1. Fabric softener is great for getting off wallpaper. It is faster, easier, less smelly, and less corrosive than the store stuff. I used it to start removing wallpaper in my kitchen- then found out the wallpaper was attached to particle board.

    1. Ooh! Thanks for the tip! Sounds like you had a fun time removing yours...



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