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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrating Three Years

Mr. Great Indoors and I celebrate three years of marriage today, and in honor of our anniversary I figured I'd share some of my favorite pre-ceremony/ceremony pictures.  Enjoy!

Something borrowed was a cameo broach from my great-great-aunt on the front of my bouquet (the bouquet included English ivy, another family tribute).  My dress was something new, I borrowed my step-father's handkerchief (you can see it in my hand in the picture as we're leaving the church), and my garter was something blue.

I will forever love the picture of our "Chickamafia," as my mom called it.  We got married in Chickamauga, Georgia, and the official men in our wedding looked like the mafia with their suits and sunglasses.  Appropriate name, no?  From left, Mr. GI's brother who was an usher, groomsman J, my dad, Mr. GI, Mr. GI's dad, groomsman T, and best man H.

As my mother did when she got remarried, I asked all of our guests to take a picture in front of the church after the ceremony.  It's a great way for us to remember who was there to celebrate with us.  Check out the reflection of the tree in the window!  Not Photoshopped, I promise.

I'm so lucky Mr. GI married me three years ago, and even luckier that we're still happy and healthy.  I know, I know... mushy and gross lovey dovey stuff.  :-)  But seriously, I'm thankful every day for him, and I'll continue to give him shout outs on the blog, since he's the one that makes our beautiful home possible.

The traditional third-year anniversary gift is leather, although our gift to each other is a date together this evening, taking a much-needed break from the bathroom!  How would you (or did you) gift leather to your sweetheart?

Read about our love story if you're into mushy stuff.  Pictures by Accomplished Productions in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


  1. The tree reflection is so cool! Happy 3 years, so glad you guys are my friends!

  2. Charming photos...thanks for sharing! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary to you both.. I love these posts since it's always wonderful to celebrate marriage and love. This is inspiring! I love the last picture of everyone!

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Tatum. I’m awarding your blog with The Liebster Blog Award! Congratulations! You deserve it! Here is the link to see the post in which your blog has been featured...
    Have a great day ~ Laura


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