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Monday, April 23, 2012

Technical Difficulties and An Update

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Pardon my lack of post today, but we're experiencing technical difficulties in the Great Indoors household.  Namely that our computer power cord decided to explode (literally) last night before I got pictures uploaded for a post today.  Unfortunately most of my pictures are trapped on the laptop until we're guaranteed power to it again.  Oops!

In the meantime, here's an update about the progress in the guest bathroom.  The new stuff is bold.
  • Remove quarter round (which we'll reuse as much as possible), toilet, vinyl, vanity, mirror  (We're keeping the old vinyl down until we finish the big work on the walls)
  • Remove wallpaper and repair wall (one wall done, three to go)
  • Repair light fixture location
  • Repair water-damaged studs and drywall in guest bathroom
  • Pick a paint color
  • Clean up construction dust!
  • Clean up old vinyl adhesive, level floor
  • Paint walls
  • Lay floor in guest bathroom
  • Replace all baseboards and quarter round in guest bathroom
  • Fix trim over door
  • Paint trim
  • Attach vanity legs, paint vanity
  • Reinstall vanity
  • Reinstall toilet
  • Frame the mirror with trim (or we might get crazy and just buy a new mirror... we'll see) Buy a new mirror for the guest bathroom  We've figured out a work-around for now until we find the perfect mirror -- will share!
  • Clean up and install new light fixture (more about that soon!)
  • Paint crates for shelving
  • Install shelving above the toilet
  • Make a burlap shower curtain, plus a fabric curtain liner
  • Accessorize!  Maybe some DIY wall art
  • Repair water-damaged studs and drywall in master bathroom
  • Lay floor in master bathroom
  • Replace all baseboards and quarter round in master bathroom
  • Install pedestal sink in master bathroom
There's still so much to do!!  But we've at least got the room just about to the zero point-- where the repairs are done and we can start in on the FUN STUFF!  Wish us luck!

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