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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest Bathroom: Painting the Town... or the Bathroom

I knew Mr. Great Indoors was ready for the bathroom to be finished when I came home to this yesterday:

Our usual arrangement is that he builds it and I paint it, and boy has he done a lot of building for this project, mostly in the form of floating drywall.  But things are serious if he picks up a paint brush-- and he spent a few hours cutting in around the bathroom yesterday.

Remember we considered this color scheme last week.  I decided for sure on Lighthouse Shadows (Valspar, 4008-3B), color matched to Olympic One, which is primer and painter in one that I got to try out with the vanity.  The gray is the color of the vanity, the green reflects the Moody Blue (Sherwin Williams) I was thinking about for the crates, and the burlap texture represents the shower curtain.

Here it is with the cut-in coat dried and the rolled coat wet.

The can suggests waiting three hours between coats (even if it's dry to the touch within an hour), which I impatiently did.

The color is actually a little bluer and darker than I originally imagined, but I still like it.  I'm not sure that the pictures are doing it justice.

Image here

I was really happy with the coverage, especially since we were painting on unprimed drywall (Mr. GI checked to make sure we wouldn't need a separate primer coat before painting, and we didn't).  Even the first coat covered incredibly well, and the second coat just evened some spots out.

I was a bit worried about the color after getting all the paint on the walls last night, but thankfully woke up this morning to walls that looked a little grayer.

If you're really paying attention you might have noticed a hole at the bottom of this picture.  When we moved in a few years ago there was a door stop to keep the door from hitting that wall, but the door stop quickly broke... and we ended up with a fresh hole at our housewarming party, which we just left until we started this project.  After Mr. GI patched that wall, he accidentally opened the door too wide and ended up with another one.  Oops.  Our plan is to use a wall-mounted door stop like this to cover it up.  Lazy?  No-- practical.

We've been burning the midnight oil the last few nights to stay on schedule with this project, going to bed after 1am both nights.  Definitely not typical for us, and certainly not normal for poor Chewy.  This morning Mr. GI got up and started to work in the bathroom almost immediately-- and Chewy is used to a slower start in the mornings.  So while my handy husband was laying the floor (more about that tomorrow!), I found Chewy back in his crate.  "Why are we up so early?  You people are crazy.  I'm going back to bed."  What a hard life.  Thanks to my mom for the stuffless raccoon that he drags all over the house and loves on at night.

My next post will have all sorts of reveals in it, since the whole room is inhabitable now, although certainly not finished yet.  Just in time!  And I've got an update for you about the cause of the water damage-- turns out it wasn't what we originally thought, but we've got it solved for good!

I wasn't perked by Lowe's or Olympic for this post-- but I do hope our experience will help you decide what to use for your next project!


  1. Loving the wall color... and the painted wall paper over the shower. Good save there. We painted our downstairs bathroom a similar color (Provence from Valspar) and we love it! Can't wait to see your next post...

  2. Love the color! The project seems to be moving along quickly...well from the reader's side of things at least. I'm sure it's not moving along quickly from yours. :)


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