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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Bathroom: Color Choices

It's coming down to the crunch time with the bathroom where I actually have to decide on a color for the walls.  When I was dreaming about this room I chose a darkish blue for the walls.

Then Mr. GI stumbled upon this dark gray gem in the oops bin at Lowe's, which I think matches closest in person to Olympic Knight's Armor (D58-5).

Gosh, doesn't it look strangely like these vanities on my guest bathroom Pinterest board?

And after thinking about this dark gray, I thought a lighter blue would look best on the walls.  I'm trying hard not to end up with a robin's egg blue, so I'd like something a little grayer and more grown up.  After a third trip (at least) to Lowe's to sort through paint chips, I've narrowed it down to two choices, both from Valspar:  Silver Fox (4008-3C) or Lighthouse Shadows (4008-3B).  Right now both Mr. GI and I are leaning toward Lighthouse Shadows since it seems to mesh better with the accent color (Moody Blue) best.  Which one do you like better?  Do you have experience with one of these colors?  Keep in mind we're working with a room that gets no natural light.

For comparison, I've included the gray going on the vanity (Olympic's Knight's Armor, D58-5); Sherwin Williams' Moody Blue (for the crate shelving above the toilet); and a sample of burlap to reflect the shower curtain.  The background for both options is white, which reflects the color of the trim.  And we'll also be adding in a wooden mirror for some more texture.  Choices, choices, choices!

On other color-related news, I recently took a color personality quiz at Better Homes & Gardens on Centsational Girl's suggestion.  I certainly do these sorts of quizzes with a heavy dose of salt (they're just fun to play around with; it's like the adult version of those boyfriend quizzes in Seventeen ages ago), but this one was really off for me.  I even took it twice, tweaking my answers the second time.  I haven't been into pink as a decor color since some time in middle school, and as an avid Dawg fan I can't ever condone orange.  Yikes.  Maybe next time!

Did you take the BH&G personality quiz?  How did yours turn out?  What sort of color decisions have you made in your house lately?

Image sources:  color swatches of Knight's Armor, Lighthouse Shadows, Silver Fox, and Moody Blue all from; Burlap texture from here.

Follow along with the rest of our bathroom adventures: our dream, the before, mildewwww, every day we're drywalling (what a terrible pun), the our thrifted finds so far, ripping out wallpaper, plus my Pinterest boards for the guest bathroom and master bathroom.


  1. I like Lighthouse Shadows. I think it will look nice against the burlap shower curtain you're wanting to do :) And won't feel so heavy in the room since there is no natural light and the vanity will be darker too.

  2. Looking good!

    The oops paint looks a little more blue than gray to me but its always a balance. Either way a really pretty shade.

  3. totally diggin' lighthouse shadows, but both seem like they'd work great!


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